Impact Clean Power Technology

We summarize the first quarter of Impact 2020

Despite the difficulties resulting from the coronavirus pandemic Impact Clean Power Technology S.A. closed the first quarter with excellent results. In March, production was at a record level, and its increase compared to the same period of 2019 was over 200% (in terms of the number of batteries produced). The company constantly maintains a two-shift work system. First quarter of this year it is also a period of large investments. After the reconstruction and replacement of high storage racks, the warehouse meets the highest industry standards. New lean stands built from tubular systems have been introduced in the production hall. Works related to launching another production hall are coming to an end. In both halls, in addition to lean stands, LED lighting was installed. The halls are heated and equipped with an air-conditioning system. The new production organization meets the highest standards in the automotive industry. The company systematically increases employment. Currently, most of the employees admitted to the production department can boast of previous experience in the industry. In the first quarter of this year the restructuring of the engineering department was also completed. Thanks to this, in the area of ​​R&D we have designed and implemented for production the next generation of our batteries. These are innovative designs for four new types of batteries. Thanks to the use of new cells and the construction of new modules, we have been able to significantly reduce the weight of the battery while increasing energy density. Thanks to this, in the case of NMC batteries we have increased the continuous current from 1c to 2 LTO batteries from 1c to 4c. This gives our products a huge competitive advantage. An additional effort during this period was the implementation of a policy protecting our employees and clients against the effects of a pandemic. In this regard, the Management Board has implemented security procedures since receiving the first information about the epidemiological threat. All business meetings were moved to the network. The engineering department works largely remotely. Rotational sales department. All employees are measured daily, and in a daily survey they must confirm their good health and lack of contact with people who are sick or at risk of the virus. A number of hand disinfection stations have been installed in the company. The obligation to use protective gloves and masks has been introduced. Access to bystanders was suspended. All these activities allow not only to maintain existing production but also for further development.

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