Public transport

Batteries for trams


Li-ion battery systems


1630 x 763 x 272 mm

365 kg w/o liquid cooling

375 kg with liquid cooling


Single battery pack

40.0 kWh
Cells configuration:
Voltage 222V
Capacity 180 Ah

40.0 kWh
Cells configuration
Voltage 333V
Capacity 120 Ah

40.0 kWh
Cells configuration:
Voltage 666V
Capacity 60 Ah


High profile solution,
(Mounted in engine compartment)

1054 x 769 x 340 mm
300 kg

Flat solution

2000 x 800 x 180 mm
285 kg


Single battery pack

15,.2 kWh
Cells configuration:
Voltage 331V
Capacity 46 Ah

15.2 kWh
Cells configuration:
Voltage 662V
Capacity 23 Ah


Quality management system

Scope of the Quality Management System


ISO 9001:2015 Standard


AQAP 2110 - 2016


ISO/TS 16949 and IRIS (planned)


Technical support

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