Impact Clean Power Technology

Production and development with background virus

The procedures implemented in the company reducing the risk of coronavirus infection, good organization of work on both shifts and proper coordination of the company’s employees working remotely allow to maintain production at the required level. Impact not only maintains the current level of production and employment, but is constantly developing. We’re still recruiting. We are completing the complete reconstruction of the warehouse, which currently meets the highest standards of the automotive industry. Similar changes are underway in the production hall, where we systematically implement lean work stations built from tubular systems and introduce LED lighting. We are finishing another modern production hall and recruiting new employees. We have introduced structural changes in the integration and logistics department. By decision of the General Director and the Management Board from 2020-03-23 ​​we establish a new engineering unit – “After-sales engineering”. This unit will deal with solving problems of projects already served by ICPT S.A. that do not meet the requirements of the APQP procedure in accordance with the IATF standard. The task of this unit will be to bring the above-mentioned projects to their full compliance with APQP, specifications as well as customer requirements and ICPT internal requirements. In this way, we meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers even more. At the same time, we constantly carry out preventive actions in relation to the coronavirus. We are introducing a comprehensive Preventive Procedure along with a Plan of Conduct in Case of Suspicion or COVID 19. The procedure was developed on the basis of WHO (World Health Organization) recommendations. All this would not have been possible without the cooperation and mutual understanding of employees, managerial staff and the company’s Management Board. Joint, fully professional activities result in the fact that Impact functions without reservations in its very difficult environment, fulfills its production obligations and is constantly developing.

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