Impact Clean Power Technology

Impact Batteries on Żar Mountain

Impact Clean Power Technology S.A. , a leading supplier of innovative lithium-ion batteries for transportation in Europe, has
expanded its offer with stationary storage solutions for renewable energy sources and professional power industry. Battery
systems from Impact have been used in a joint project with MySoft to implement an energy storage system for a
photovoltaic farm built by PGE Energia Odnawialna on Żar Mountain in the Beskidy Mountains. It is one of the largest
projects of this kind in Europe.

– Impact has specialised in battery-based energy storage in lithium-ion technology for over 15 years. The project on Żar
Mountain cooperating with a photovoltaic farm is one of the examples of our realisations. It is an energy storage consisting
of two identical storage units with a total power of 550kW. – says Ireneusz Konarski, Stationary Energy Storage
Development Manager.

The storage has been designed and built based on lithium ion cells in NMC technology. It consists of two component units
working in parallel with a total nominal energy of 980 kWh. The life of the installation is expected to be about 10 years,
which translates into about 4,000 charge and discharge cycles.

An energy warehouse is not just an ordinary battery. It requires a very sophisticated monitoring and energy management
system. Impact, which has been developing energy management systems for many years, has a number of technologies
that it has previously used in vehicles such as buses and trucks. It is now also using them in stationary warehouses. The
optimal and safe operation of the battery on the Żar Mountain is supervised by the BMS system, which monitors the
battery on several levels, i.e. cells, modules and strings, and is responsible for the cooperation of the entire battery with
power electronic converters and EMS and SCADA systems.

At Impact, we believe that the future of distributed renewable energy is linked to energy storage, because these sources
are unpredictable when it comes to power generation. Both photovoltaic farms and wind farms depend primarily on the
highly variable weather conditions in our climate. Therefore, only by combining them with energy warehouse, i.e. creating a
hybrid structure, it will be possible to develop the electricity system properly. And simply increase the profitability of energy
investments based on RES sources. Impact is productionally prepared to produce warehouses with the capacity of over 400
MWh per year. – says Bartłomiej Kras, PhD, President of the Management Board of ICPT S.A.

The project on Żar Mountain is another joint venture implemented with MySoft. At the same time both companies
implemented an energy warehouse facility for PKP Energetyka at the railway station in Garbce. Stationary battery energy
storage facilities are increasingly becoming an integral part of modern energy infrastructure in industry,
telecommunications, power engineering or traction network.

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