Impact Clean Power Technology



We are a leading manufacturer of innovative battery systems for transportation, robotics and stationary energy storage in Europe.

Why choose Impact

Personalized solutions

We have been working with our customers for many years. We have sold 20,000 battery systems worldwide, and the vehicles with our batteries have covered more than 75 million kilometers.


Our batteries provide the highest level of safety confirmed by professional tests meeting the highest international standards.

Innovative technology

Our New Technologies Laboratory provides our customers access to the next generation solutions, whose performance is several times higher than the competition.


Take advantage of our years of experience in implementing projects for the most demanding clients around the world. Watch the video and see how we work with our Partners to make their business ventures successful.

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(+48) 22 758 68 65

Impact Clean Power Technology S.A.

ul. Świętokrzyska 30 lok. 63
00-116 Warszawa, Polska

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