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BusWorld 2019 – Impact new product

At this year’s BusWorld 2019, Impact will showcase its new product: The UVES LFP PHEV-2 STANDARD. A battery based on LFP technology is another suggestion for manufacturers of public transport vehicles. It is characterized by the possibility of discharge with high currents, long life of batteries (up to 10 years), resistance to high and low ambient temperatures. It is worth emphasizing that LFP is the safest in the use of the chemistry of today’s energy warehouses. LFP batteries are ideal for heavy duty applications where high load capacity is required and the manufacturer relies on reliability and long product life. In addition, IMPACT will present the next generation LTO and NMC batteries. UVES Standard and UVES Compact lithium-ion battery systems designed by ICPT S.A. and then used in public transport vehicles are built based on NMC, LTO and LFP cells. NMC modules are characterized by high energy density and efficient work. They require a relatively long charging time, which, however, ensures a large range and the possibility of all-day operation of the vehicle. Charging lasting several hours usually takes place in the depot at night. In turn, LTO modules can be charged quickly and often, e.g. during short stops on loops. Charging then takes between 8 and 15 minutes. Vehicles charged in this way can be used virtually 24 hours 7 days a week. Recently, they are more popular. Both the NMC and LTO battery packs are R100.02 and R10.05 certified. They have been tested and approved for use on the basis of strength and safety tests. The tests were carried out in a specialist IDIADA laboratory in Spain. It is now a prerequisite for using batteries in public passenger transport applications in public transport vehicles. Work on the LFP modules has now been completed. Buses equipped with batteries designed and manufactured by ICPT S.A. they traveled 28 million kilometers all over Europe. It is as if our equator has been encircled almost 700 times. We collect data from approx. 300 electric buses in cities throughout Europe thanks to the remote vehicle monitoring system. ICPT S.A. today is one of the fastest growing Polish companies investing in green energy. Thanks to future design and investments in scientific research, we have increased our turnover tenfold in the last three years. We also offer batteries for producers of industrial robots, mining machines, as well as energy storage for energy and telecommunications. The battery systems we design are gaining recognition of the largest Polish and global brands, such as Solaris Bus & Coach, Tribus, Voith, Hess, JBT, Kiepe Electric GmbH, TEMSA. Demand for our systems has long since crossed the borders of Europe. Lithium-ion batteries coming out of our production lines strengthen their reputation in the USA. In addition to the United States, IMPACT has its authorized representative offices also in Germany, Turkey and Italy.

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