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Public transport

The main customer of our products is the public transport sector. At Impact, we have produced over 19 thousand battery systems for our customers in Europe, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, or South Africa. Buses with our batteries have already traveled 70 million km. Our batteries power the streetcars produced by Stadler and Siemens. They are also used in trolleybuses where they provide energy in sections without line traction. They also power hydrogen buses. Using these experiences, our New Technologies Laboratory, with its team of engineers from various fields, develops solutions that set global market trends.

We currently offer two new-generation battery systems: UVES Power GEN 2 based on high-power density LTO technology. The modules and battery systems have been developed in completely new technology and allow for 60% more power. On the other hand, UVES Energy GEN 2, based on NMC technology, is characterized by over 30% higher energy density and a very attractive price. This is a key element that translates into vehicle range as well as payload. Our new solutions are already being used by the world’s leading transport vehicle manufacturers. 

– The heavy-duty battery market is changing rapidly. Until recently very small, today it consists of many niches i.e. buses charged at night, pantograph-charged buses, hydrogen vehicles, trolleybuses, serial hybrids, parallel hybrids and many more. Therefore, we keep pointing out to our Customers the differences between LTO, NMC, LFP and other technologies, not only in terms of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), but also in terms of electrical and mechanical parameters, related to the life cycle of the product or market prices – says Filip Jankun, Sales Director ICPT SA.

Based on the analysis of the above parameters, we can make current and potential customers aware of upcoming changes and thus create a market. Our company has been developing battery systems for 15 years and we have always been several steps ahead of the market. Among our customers are Solaris Bus & Coach, Voith, Kiepe Elektrik, TEMSA, Dancer Bus, Phoenix Motorcars.

Stationary Energy Storages

In the area of stationary energy storage, we offer our solutions to both private customers and the renewable energy and power industry.

More and more homeowners are opting for photovoltaic installation to lower their electricity bills and actively support the environment by using green energy. A battery system takes it a step further, and provides energy independence and power security in the event of a grid failure, and increases financial savings by storing excess solar energy for use at any time. We offer homeowners complete energy storage systems that meet the needs of a wide range of building types and demand profiles.

Our home energy storage built on FONA 100 modules will be able to ensure the security of energy supply working with rapidly changing RES sources. With us, you can become part of the energy transition by installing our battery storage system.

Using 15 years of unique experience in designing and manufacturing advanced battery systems for heavy-duty applications, the company has started implementation in the industrial energy storage market. Due to modular design, the system is scalable, therefore Impact’s offer is addressed to large distributors of low-carbon energy as well as small and medium operators of photovoltaic or wind farms. The company has already deployed at Innogy and Tauron. Currently, it has completed projects for PKP Energetyka and the largest RES storage facility in Poland for PGE EO on Żar Mountain.

The changing regulatory environment in line with the European Green Deal is accelerating the energy transition. For technical reasons, basing an energy system on RES is not possible without stationary energy storage facilities. It is only the storage units cooperating with photovoltaic installations ensure full independence from the power grid, increasing the efficiency of the installation and shortening the return on investment. The energy stored in peak generation can be successfully used for various purposes. It can be an incentive to invest in electric vehicles, which thanks to storage facilities can be recharged at any time using stored surplus energy coming from e.g. own generation of PV installations.

Energy storage units are also an essential solution for large energy producers and distributors. They provide not only energy security during peak hours when the network may lose capacity (which, in the perspective of the ever-increasing demand for energy, is a real threat), but also become a business tool. Suppliers can, for example, store cheaply purchased energy until prices rise and then sell it. The storage units are also used in other areas of industry, e.g. in rail transport when they will cover the temporary increase in power demand necessary to start up the electric train when it starts up, thus reducing the connection power supply many times over.

Marine applications

Using our 15 years of experience, we have created a solution for the e-yacht market. With our innovative technology, the Silalia yacht can sail 200 NM at 18 knots. The maximum speed of the boat is 32 knots. This performance is made possible by our 200 kWh UVES Compact batteries.

The batteries were specifically designed for this particular project. Installing the batteries on a boat in an environment prone to moisture and corrosion was an additional challenge. However, test cruises on a prototype yacht confirmed in practice the exceptional performance of the boat and especially the batteries.

Industrial robotics

Our customers in this market segment include the U.S. AGV manufacturer JBT, and previously Tesla, which used our batteries in their autonomous vehicles utilized in factory floors and warehouses. They use our Thunderbolt ESS 100 and ESS 300 batteries. Our experience in this area was gained during the design and production of our batteries for the Polish PIAP GRYF vehicle.

The robot, which has many applications, is used by various services such as the police, border guards or the army. At each airport in Poland, there are two such vehicles powered by our batteries. Thus, Impact not only protects the environment, but also contributes to increasing the level of safety.

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