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About us

Our company

About us

Our systems are in use all over the world

Impact Clean Power Technology S.A. is a leading manufacturer of battery systems for public, industrial and commercial transport as well as AGV robots. We sell our products in domestic market and in the United States, Germany, Spain, Turkey and Italy. Thanks to the constant investment in research and development, we have created solutions which enabled us to build an international portfolio of loyal customers. We deliver our batteries to Solaris Bus & Coach, Voight, JBT, Kiepe Elektrik, TEMSA, Dancer Bus, Phoenix Motorcars, Innogy, PGE EO . Our products, widely recognised within the electric mobility industry, are a result of cooperation between our engineers and the best academic centres in Poland. The synergy between science and business resulted in competitive advantages and our turnover in the last three years has increased tenfold. The ICPT S.A. team consists of 180 highly specialised engineers, including mechanical , electronic and electrical engineers, programmers, system integrators and production engineers. Thanks to modern production technologies, such as laser welding, the company is implementing complex projects resulting in the best- quality and high-scalability solutions.


Facilitating eMobility.


To maintain our leadership position in Poland and become one of the top three  European manufactures of modern battery packs for transportation vehicles, AGVs and industrial applications. 


Management Board

Bartłomiej Kras

Bartłomiej Kras

President of the Management Board

Since 14 years, he has been associated with e-mobility industry. He is a specialist in designing and implementing Li-ion battery systems and has managed numerous projects in that field, carried out by the company since the beginning of its existence. These projects have resulted in the implementation and commercialisation of our products all over the world, including for such clients as Citroen, Bosch, SAM Group, Smith Electric Vehicles, Solaris, Ursus, Vosloh Kiepe, Voith, Temsa and KTM. He led research and development projects in international consortiums such as TAILORWELD, TOLPE and KORANET. He is an author and co-author of a number of patents, trademarks and unique technical solutions in the area of electromobility, Li-ion batteries, fuel cells and system control. He graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology, where he also gained his Ph.D., and completed the ICAN Institute training (Harvard Management Course).



Vice President of the management board

Stanisław Szadkowski is a graduate of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology. After a two-year internship in Ursus, he went to Belgium in the early 1970s, where he first worked in the engineering industry and then in the steel industry. In the early 1980s, he created a unique flow control system in the continuous steel casting process, which he then commercialized in most steel mills around the world. In the mid-90s he returned to Poland and reactivated the once famous machine tool factory “Mechanicy Pruszków”. Stanisław Szadkowski was a co-founder and President of the Management Board of Impact Automotive Technology, which was established to modernize and implement the Swiss SAM electric vehicle prototype for serial production. Then he co-founded Impact Clean Power Technology S.A. He was a member of the Management Board for many years. He was also the chairman of the company’s supervisory board. He also served as CTO, to return to the Management Board at the end of 2019.




Member of the Management Board

Over 20 years of experience in banking and capital market institutions. He served over a decade in the banking sector: he was Vice President of Management Board in PKO BP in charge of Risk and Collection and temporarily he has been the chief of investment banking area. He chaired the Asset and Liabilities Committee and the Central Credit Committee in PKO BP. In 2010-2012, Krzysztof chaired the Supervisory Board of PZU SA. In 2012, he was recognized with “Order of Merit in Banking for the Republic of Poland” awarded by the President of the National Bank of Poland. In previous years, Krzysztof supervised the areas of strategy, planning, controlling, HR policy, compensation policy, cost policy and tax issues – as CFO/Reporting Officer in Xelion Doradcy Finansowi (Unicredit Group). A member of Global Association of Risk Professionals, Professional Risk Management International Association and the Board of EFPA Poland Foundation for Financial Advisory Standards. He graduated with Master’s in finance and banking from Warsaw School of Economics (SGH). Krzysztof completed Collegium Civitas post-graduate studies in philosophy, Management for Business Leadership program in University of New Brunswick, and many others.


Member of the Management Board

Over 30 years of experience in the financial sector. Among others for five years he was the Vice President of the Management Board at Handlowy Leasing S.A. He participated in the development of the company’s concept (member of the founding group). He exercised comprehensive substantive and organizational supervision over the areas of accounting, taxes, controlling and management information, financing, implementation of leasing agreements, administration and IT. He was responsible for financial and management reporting, financial planning and taxes. Then Managing Director of CFO in Grupa Pekao Leasing S.A. (after the merger of Pekao Leasing and Finanse SA and Pekao Auto Finanse SA with Pekao Leasing Sp. z oo), formerly a member of the Management Group in leasing companies of the BPH and Pekao Group – a member of the management board of Pekao Leasing Holding SA, a member of the management board of Pekao Auto Finanse SA, a member management board of BTL SA until the merger with BPH Leasing SA, vice president of the management board of PBK Leasing SA until merger with BPH Leasing SA). He was also the Director of the Finance Department at mLeasing Sp. z o.o. Member of the Supervisory Boards of PayPro S.A. – (from 2019 Chairman of the Supervisory Board), Currency One S.A. and PayPo Sp. z o.o. A graduate of the Warsaw School of Planning and Statistics (currently Warsaw School of Economics).


High quality

All our products go through rigorous testing procedures and performance verification which guarantee the highest efficiency and quality of our solutions.


The most effective solutions are those characterised by high efficiency and scalability of maximum capacity. This is extremely important in the public transport industry which is guided by balanced and environmentally friendly solutions. Our products guarantee these features.


We employ a highly specialised team of designers who guarantee the best-quality and most innovative service. We offer highly reliable technological solutions which are constantly improved to satisfy even the most demanding clients.


Our clients are the priority. Therefore, understanding their needs is fundamental for us. Having cooperated with various clients, we have perfected our process and maximised its effectiveness, in order to better respond to our clients’ needs with tailor-made, unique engineering solutions.


of the company

ICPT S.A. designs and implements complex and difficult projects that require high specialisation from our engineers. That is why our engineers work in dedicated teams:


The mechanics team, responsible for the creation of components and cases.


The team designs software for power management and monitoring of processes related to exploitation and usage of battery.


The team designs electronic systems responsible for the proper operation of our batteries.


The team is responsible for the configuration of integral electronic connections, from the production of wires to creation of beams and cells.


The team responsible for supply chain assurance, contacts with suppliers and production planning.


The team responsible for ensuring the highest quality of products sent to the customer in accordance with the order and technical documentation.


The team realizing the current sales of our products responsible for acquiring new and marketing and PR activities.

After-sales service

Team providing after-sales support, including consultancy, consultations, warranty and post-warranty service.




Our activity has been noticed and awarded on numerous occasions in Poland and abroad.

The SEP President Medal

The Medal from the SEP President for distributed management system of energy reservoir for mobile applications, received during the Power Industry Fair Expopower 2016.

The Visionaries 2018

The ‘Visionaries 2018’ is awarded by the Gazeta Prawna journal, for the leading role in Polish business, to owners and managers distinguished by their vision, determination and courage who pursue great projects despite unfavourable market conditions. Thanks to their persistence the value of their companies has significantly improved.

VIII International Trade Fair of Electric Equipment and Security System 2015

Third place in the competition for the best innovative product and technology, under the honorary patronage of the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Poland. Impact Clean Power Technology S.A. received the award for the innovative energy storage system – MEGALION

New Impulses 2017

Energy efficiency, intelligent tools in energy distribution, IT in energy generation, ecological technologies in heating, development of renewable technologies and the use of gas in energy industry – the Polish energy market is growing, thereby following the global trends. The most active companies and the most interesting projects were awarded with the title of New Impulses 2017.



  1. 2005 Company is launched, SAM EVII development project
  2. 2007 Preparation for serial certified production of SAM EVII
  3. 2008 Electric ATVs development
  4. 2009 Manufacturing of the first 100 SAM EVII electric cars
  5. 2010 Development of battery packs for Smith Electric Vehicles 8,5 ton truck
  6. 2011 Development of battery packs for Citroen Survolt and KTM Freeride E
  7. 2012 Development of the battery packs for electric bus – SOLARIS
  8. 2013 Continuation of the development of battery packs for electric buses – KARSAN and URSUS
  9. 2014 Launch of the serial production of LFP based battery packs
  10. 2015 Launch of the serial production of LTO and NMC based battery packs
  11. 2016 Development of Battery packs for IRIZAR and TEMSA
  12. 2017 Receiving the R100.2 homologation certificate (the first in Poland) for dense=energy Li-ion batteries, based on NMC technology in UVES 200 category (Universal Vehicle Energy Storage)
  13. 2018 Start of the production of Li-ion batteries and the launch thereof on telecommunication market
  14. 2019 Impact in TOP 10 ESS Delivers in Europe

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