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In connection with the current situation in Poland and in the world, we would like to inform you that in the interests of our employees and clients, we have introduced radical precautions in order to safely continue our production and ensure continuity of jobs. Some of our employees work remotely. People employed in the production were secured with personal protective equipment. We have created additional points for mandatory hand disinfection. We carry out daily temperature measurements of all employees present on the site. We also provided time separation during a shift exchange (employees of the first shift do not meet with employees of the second shift). We have also introduced instructions on appropriate behaviors to minimize the risk of virus infection on the company’s premises. Thanks to this, we continue our production without any problems. We are in constant contact with our clients and suppliers. We thank all our customers, employees and suppliers for understanding and understanding of all difficulties and burdens. At the same time, we urge everyone to comply with the recommended security measures. We hope that together we will survive this exceptionally difficult period and we will continue to meet the exciting challenges of electromobility around the world.

The Board of ICPT S.A.

We still help

We keep our promises and continue to help. We handed over another batch of gloves and face masks to local health care centers. If such help is still needed, we will continue it. By the way, we invite you to visit our company profile on LinkedIn, where, in response to...

Changes in the company’s management board

Supervisory Board of Impact Clean Power Technology S.A. yesterday decided to dismiss Mr. Jakub Regulski from the Management Board. Thus, since yesterday he no longer holds the position of Vice President of ICPT S.A. His corporate responsibilities were taken over by...

A new generation of Impact batteries is coming

Impact Clean Power Technology S.A. finalizes work on a new generation of batteries based on LTO technologies with high power density and NMC with high energy density. These innovative product groups were designed by the Engineering Department and are dedicated to...

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